Oppenheimer - Priscilla McMillan
The Ruin of J Robert Oppenheimer
Priscilla McMillan Oppenhaimer

The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer

and the birth of the modern arms race


A book by Priscilla J. McMillan

In 1949, after the Soviets acquired the atomic bomb, a group of top US nuclear scientists met in secrecy to discuss a possible crash program to create a new, more powerful type of nuclear weapon.  The group, meeting under the veil of government secrecy, concluded that such a weapon met no useful military purpose.


President Truman overruled the committee’s recommendation and ordered the scientists at Los Alamos go forward with a crash program to develop the hydrogen bomb.  Just a few years later, in the climate of fear generated by McCarthy, the government began a security hearing against the chair of the group that opposed the HBomb development, J Robert Oppenheimer.


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